• Fuzix 0.3.1

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    Fixes a couple of things - the issue message now has the right version on it and the SC111 support actually builds. With that done the tree head is now in 0.4 mode and it's not guaranteed to work very well 8)

  • Fuzix 0.3 Release

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    Fuzix 0.3 Release Notes

    Fuzix 0.3 is the third major release of the Fuzix OS. This release has mostly
    been focussed upon kernel improvements and supporting more platforms,
    particularly ZX Spectrum derived ones. The 68000 code base is now usable
    but not entirely debugged and optimized. 8080 and 8085 support has been added.


    There is now a documentation directory and rules to build it
    into something. It's still very incomplete and badly formatted


    Fuzix 0.4 will break ABI compatibility big time. There are a pile of bad
    and historic design decisions and behaviours that need to be dealt with.

    User Space Changes

    New Commands: tty, vile, sok, fweeplet (Zork engine), fsh (sh with editing)
    Main Improved commands:

    • cp,mv,ln now taken from Heirloom so full Unix style commands
    • dd can use stdin/stdout
    • fweep now generally available
    • sh now correctly handles out of memory
    • ucp now behaves correctly if you ls a file.
    • sort is now based on a different smaller codebase.
    • fsck check on a clean file system is much faster.

    Behavioural Changes

    • Some systems had fd first not hd first. This has been unified so on platforms where 0 was fd0, it's now 256 and hda is 0. If you use the fd or hd names at boot prompts then it's not visible

    Systems Added

    Amstrad PCW 8256 with CF adapter (minimal early port)
    Bill Shen
         Simple80 (in test)
        Tiny68K (for 68K development - very glitchy still)
    Cromemco with 16FDC and 8" disks
    Grant Searle Z80 CP/M design with small modifications
    Linc80 with extra 16K RAM card
    Pentagon 1024 with NemoIDE
    RC2014 with 6502 Processor (emulation only board debug in process)
    RC2014 with 8085 Processor
    Sam Coupe (minimal port only at this point), Atomlite IDE
    Small Computer Central
         SC108    Z80 128K RAM, CF
         SC111    Z180, 512K RAM, CF
         SC114    Z80 128K RAM, CF
    SBC2G (Grant Searle style system with banked memory)
    Scorpion with NemoIDE
    Scrumpel (Z180)
    Timex TC2068/TS2068 with DivIDE and Fuzix on a cartridge
    Tom's SBC (with small mods)
    Video Genie with EG64B banker (and in theory TRS80 + Lubomir soft banker)
    Z80 Membership card
    ZX Spectrum 128K with DivIDE or DivMMC
    ZX Spectrum +3 with ZXMMC or similar

    Existing Supported Systems

    Amstrad NC100 with 1MB SRAM card
    Amstrad NC200 with 1MB SRAM card and floppy disk drive
    Dragon 32/64 with Spinx or MOOH cartridge
    DX Designs P112 with 1MB RAM and G-IDE
    EACA Video Genie (with suitable banked memory)
    LNW Research LNW80 with suitable banked memory (TRS80 Model 1 compatible bits)
    Memotech MTX512 with SDX disk (no Rememorizer or Rememotech support)
    Microbee 256TC or Premium with 128K+ RAM and ideally hard disk
    Multicomp09 with at least 128K RAM
    RBC(*) Mark IV with optional PropIO V2
    RBC(*) SBC v2 with optional PPIDE and/or PropIO V2
    RC2014 SBC with 512K ROM/RAM, CF, SIO and RTC
    RC2014 SBC with banked ROM, 64K RAM, CF, SIO and RTC
    SOCZ80 (128MHz FPGA Z80 platform)
    Tandy COCO2 with Cloud 9 IDE, or COCOSDC card and Fuzix partly in cartridge
    Tandy COCO3 with suitable disk interface
    TRS80 Model I/III with a hard disk and a supported banked RAM expansion
    TRS80 Model 4/4D/4P 128K RAM
    Zeta V2

    (*) Formerly N8VEM now RBC (RetroBrewComputers)

    Incomplete Ports

    Apple IIc : initial investigations
    Atari ST : in progress
    EZRetro : minimal development port for ez80
    Gemini : early design
    Lucas Nascom : early design
    MSX1 : works in very limited configuration only
    Pentagon : needs the 0.4 ABI changes to be possible
    ZX Uno : for now run the 128K ZX Spectrum version as this also knows about some Uno features
    Z80BIOS : experiment to see if things like S100 can be supported by having a Z80 BIOS akin to the CP/M BIOS etc.
    Z280RC/ZZ80RC : early sketches

    New Virtual Platforms (Emulation Platforms For Fun or Development)

    - v8080 : an 8080 development environment
    - v85 : an 8085 development environment

    Existing Virtual Platforms

    - V65C816 : 65C816 emulation...

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