Erik Piehl

Always seeking to learn or achieve something new, I like to tinker both with software (C/C++/ASM) and hardware (MCUs, FPGAs).

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This user joined on 08/11/2016.

Things I've Built

TI-99/4A GROM hardware emulator

Here an NXP LPC1114 Cortex M0 MCU emulates up to 5 GROM memories. The SD Processor board is also wired up, but just to provide bank switching for the cartridge ROM to support TI Extended Basic.

ZX Spectrum FPGA implementation

A simple Sinclair ZX Spectrum design running on a Nexus 2 1200 board. Not cycle exact, but still fun!

ZX81 keyboard interface

This is a PS2 keyboard interface for the ZX81. Uses an ATMega88 micro controller and Altera EPM3064 CPLD.

TMS9995 and FPGA breadboard

An implementation of a TMS9995 system with memory paging and SD card support implemented by a Spartan 6 LX9 FPGA.

SD Processor board

A board design with CPLD and NXP ARM micro controller, supporting USB and SD card interfaces as well as a 5V tolerant bus interface for retro computers.

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