<$1 Bluetooth 4.1 Solution

a cost $1, actually even less, solution for Bluetooth 4.1

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I am trying to make a disposable product that needst be really low cost, with BLE4.1, so i have to select a cheap BLE solution with less than $1, including antenna and oscillator... the disadvantage is that this solution is not popular used and there no much material about it, which i finally succeed after days of learning and try.... this would be a cheap solution for bluetooth projects.

I would love to share this here but by now i am not expert on this... if anyone get interest on this, get in touch with me for further discussion...

i have made 10 pcs this BLE core board by 9/18, and will have a test in the next week. if anyone get interest on this project, i am glad to share the sample boards for free....emm, it's better you pay the shipping fee $3 by registered air mail. contact me via hackaday priviate message . i think i have 5 pcs for these candidates

This solution has:

  1. Cortex M0 processor, 512K Flash, 128K ROM and 138K SRAM;
  2. 33 general I/O;
  3. -97 dBm@BLE 1 Mbps, and -103dBm@ 125 Kbps;
  4. Tx Power -20 to +10 dBm in3 dB steps
  5. Receiver 8 mA;
  6. Transmitter : 8mA@0 dBm TX power

and of course, cheap!

PHY62xx Application

APPlication Guider from the IC Producer

Zip Archive - 13.70 MB - 09/21/2019 at 03:21



PCB schematic with Pads

pcb - 2.11 MB - 09/20/2019 at 05:59



PCB files with Pads

sch - 84.88 kB - 09/20/2019 at 05:59



$1 BLE core board schematic

Adobe Portable Document Format - 294.34 kB - 09/18/2019 at 07:00


Adobe Portable Document Format - 2.58 MB - 09/18/2019 at 06:59


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Ken Yap wrote 03/22/2020 at 14:19 point

Ok I've found out a few more things about this chip. It's a SoC with a heap of I/O pins and could be used to make BT connected things. The SDK is just a set of includes, sample C programs, some libraries, and some blobs it seems. You need the Keil ARM IDE. Somebody in eevblog was asking about the possibility of compilation with gcc.

As the first poster noted it can't be sourced outside China. Not even LCSC which has many obscure manufactures sells it. The only way you can get hold of one is this kit, via Makerfabs.

Still it's fascinating. Imagine a remote clock always showing the right time because a PC with NTP synchronisation is updating it via BT. Only $1 additional parts cost.

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Ken Yap wrote 03/22/2020 at 11:14 point

Makerfabs is selling these for $1 + shipping. They linked to this project for details. Can you tell us more about what one mgiht do with this, in addition to what's in the video?

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l0ud wrote 09/20/2019 at 10:58 point

This PHY6202 chip looks very interesting - large sram and low power usage, unfortunately I cannot find any place where I can buy it outside of china - there is no info on aliexpress, alibaba nor lcsc. I cannot find any traces of SDK too...

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