<$1 Bluetooth 4.1 Solution

a cost $1, actually even less, solution for Bluetooth 4.1

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I am trying to make a disposable product that needst be really low cost, with BLE4.1, so i have to select a cheap BLE solution with less than $1, including antenna and oscillator... the disadvantage is that this solution is not popular used and there no much material about it, which i finally succeed after days of learning and try.... this would be a cheap solution for bluetooth projects.

I would love to share this here but by now i am not expert on this... if anyone get interest on this, get in touch with me for further discussion...

i have made 10 pcs this BLE core board by 9/18, and will have a test in the next week. if anyone get interest on this project, i am glad to share the sample boards for free....emm, it's better you pay the shipping fee $3 by registered air mail. contact me via hackaday priviate message . i think i have 5 pcs for these candidates

This solution has:

  1. Cortex M0 processor, 512K Flash, 128K ROM and 138K SRAM;
  2. 33 general I/O;
  3. -97 dBm@BLE 1 Mbps, and -103dBm@ 125 Kbps;
  4. Tx Power -20 to +10 dBm in3 dB steps
  5. Receiver 8 mA;
  6. Transmitter : 8mA@0 dBm TX power

and of course, cheap!

PHY62xx Application

APPlication Guider from the IC Producer

Zip Archive - 13.70 MB - 09/21/2019 at 03:21



PCB schematic with Pads

pcb - 2.11 MB - 09/20/2019 at 05:59



PCB files with Pads

sch - 84.88 kB - 09/20/2019 at 05:59



$1 BLE core board schematic

Adobe Portable Document Format - 294.34 kB - 09/18/2019 at 07:00


Adobe Portable Document Format - 2.58 MB - 09/18/2019 at 06:59


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l0ud wrote 3 days ago point

This PHY6202 chip looks very interesting - large sram and low power usage, unfortunately I cannot find any place where I can buy it outside of china - there is no info on aliexpress, alibaba nor lcsc. I cannot find any traces of SDK too...

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