• Inventory of all my chips

    04/06/2017 at 15:28 3 comments

    7417544 bit register with universal clock
    7417416 bit register with universal clock
    74451BCD to decimal decoder
    7416113pre/resettable 4-bit counter
    74hc147210-to-4 line encoder
    28 line multiplexer
    740414hex inverter
    74051hex inverter, open collector outputs
    Intel 2114A31024x4 SRAM
    74181164 bit ALU
    743215quad OR gate
    74144hex Schmitt trigger inverter
    74102triple 3-input NAND gate
    74208dual 4-input NAND gate
    74001quad NAND gate
    74084quad AND gate
    747412 D flip-flops
    74271triple 3-input NOR
    74401don't get what this is - dual 4-inp. NAND?
    741261quad tri-state bus buffer
    7440751triple 3-inp. OR gate
    74863quad 2-inp. XOR gate
    741321quad NAND Schmitt trigger
    741631presettable 4-bit binary counter (sync. clear)
    7413823-to-8 line decoder
    746291dual voltage controlled oscillator
    7425918 bit adressable latch
    743671hex buffer tri-state
    741661parallel load 8-bit shift reg.
    741911presetable up/down binary counter
    744040112-stage binary ripple counter
    idt 71256332k 9ns SRAM

    I have more, but these are pretty much all worth counting. And I dont want to count anymore.