1. Finished project display.

2. Here are some parts we need in this project.

3. Some screenshot of the steps.

4. Finished and test it.

Product list:

Attiny 13 SMD http://bit.ly/2kh2yOp

Capacitor 220uf/16V x3 http://bit.ly/2SEgpxy

Capacitor 10uF/50V x3 http://bit.ly/2M9qC34

IRF3205 http://bit.ly/2AMKJM7

MBR20100 http://bit.ly/2W9ABFU

Resistor 10K x5 ttp://bit.ly/2TMSWXV

Resistor 1K x5 http://bit.ly/2Uk6Zot

Resistor 10R x5 http://bit.ly/2UTDASo

Transistor S8550 http://bit.ly/30BsXWV

Transistor S8050 http://bit.ly/32qs9FN

Led http://bit.ly/2IkuH1s

Fuse 2A http://bit.ly/2XdYc9g

Capacitor 4700uF/50V http://bit.ly/2mcGwgk

Capacitor 104 x5 http://bit.ly/2QK6ph7

Capacitor 105 x2 http://bit.ly/2U1UMEZ

LM7805 http://bit.ly/2NAK9tN

More details, pls check the video on Yoututbe: