• Hardware Buildup

    Owen02/11/2020 at 14:57 0 comments

    Finally getting round to an initial build-out. 

    I must /fix/ the speaker circuit while doing this, the transistor is badly biased and gets too hot.

  • It works; now for some uploads and details

    Owen10/20/2019 at 18:18 0 comments

    Okidoki, No decent pictures yet, but I have assembled the board, got the arduino working at 8Mhz (IDE tricks, I'll document). I'm only running at that because I have several 8meg crystals and this is an ideal project to use them up. Speed is not a factor here.

    I've tested the LCD, but still need to test the mosfets, speaker and all other ports, a conductivity test with my multi-meter showed no faults or shorts. The unit also powers and runs off a 24v supply with no problems. 

    One Issue is that I forgot that manual resets are a 'thing', so I'll probably add a connector point for a reset pulldown switch before I publish., there is plenty of space in that area of the board.

    I also see bigger changes I'd like to make for the v2 board, which is theone I intend to build for my home aquarium. I will move the CPU more central to give more space around it, duplicate the I2C and Onewire port connectors, bring out even more 'spare' io lines, possibly add an ISP connector.  But I plan to keep the power in/out connectors and FTDI in the same place, and keep the same 70x70 mountholes and 80x80 form factor.

  • PCB

    Owen10/17/2019 at 16:42 0 comments

    I've made a PCB, which first involved fitting a new ESP-32 based controller into my CNC 😁

    Now I need to assemble and test, I've got all the components ready. I'll write a test sketch and verify before I publish the plans.

    Also, going to put a 8mhz crystal in mine, which might involve setting fuses in the 328p. 

  • Prototyped.

    Owen10/11/2019 at 14:00 0 comments

    I dont need to prototype most of this, it's pin connections and a mosfet circuit I have used before. But the loudspeaker / buzzer and it's single-transistor amp did deserve a test before I cut a PCB. 

    This has duely been breadboarded, and works rather well (It's a suggested circuit on a number of electronic design sites). Loud enough to be heard across a shop if needed.

    Next step: make the Mk1 board.

  • Planz

    Owen10/04/2019 at 08:25 0 comments

    Three stages to this; and I'm only halfway through the 1st. Sigh

    1) Hardware, I have a design, and a (good) pcb plot now. I want to prototype the speaker/buzzer driver circuit before I finalise and make the PCB. It's still a bit of (educated) guesswork design.

    2) Then I need a software framework.

    3) Finally the fitting into an aquarium; which is not a trivial task.