Quadruped Pumpkin

Don't just have a Jack-o-Lantern sit motionless on the porch! Give it some life and limbs!

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Much like Frankenstein's monster, pumpkins become more interesting once electricity becomes involved. My goal for this year's custom Halloween decoration was to create a seemingly normal pumpkin that when prompted will extend its legs and reveal that it is in fact a robot in disguise.The robot uses 8 servo motors to actuate the legs. In its current version it can only extend and retract its legs to stand itself up and return itself to pumpkin form; in a future update I intend to add four more to give the robot the ability to walk around. Unfortunately, the adhesives used to secure the plastic skeleton to the foam leg pieces created a weaker connection than I anticipated so in the attached media files the pumpkin is propped up on a stand so the legs aren't supporting the body. Although the servos are powerful enough to stand the robot up the leg pieces would likely need additional support to endure

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Dan Maloney wrote 11/05/2019 at 15:49 point

A jack-o'-lantern that stands up and chases you around the porch would be a pretty intense Halloween decoration. Looking forward to the Nest footage next year...

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