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Evolutek is a French robotic association, learn more about we built for the eurobot cup 2019

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Let me talk about this project. Because it was a milestone in my life !

During my last year at @EPITA (engineering school in Paris) I joined the robotic association: Evolutek.
And every year, Evolutek participate in the eurobot cup in France and Belgium.

What is this cup ?

Created in 1998, Eurobot is an international amateur robotics contest open to teams of young people, organized either in student projects or in independent clubs.

The competition takes place in May and the rule are delivered in September, 9 months before.
So each year, Evolutek build one or two robots during this 9 months and participate in the competition.

See the rules here:

This year we were a dozen dedicated students, completely independents in this project. We manage the mechanic, electronic and the IT part by ourselves from A to Z.

I personnaly had the chance to be the leader for the mecanic team, we design and build two robots in six months and I'm so proud to say that we did our best and the result was very good.
In fact we ranked 21st out of 200 teams !

See the 2019 review:

We divided our skills in three teams: 

  • The Mechanic Team: is in charge to imagine and design the robot taking into account the regulation and the objectives to be achieved. We modeled every single part in Catia and print different piece in 3D or with a CNC. The team works constantly with the electronic team to know what we can do with the elec part and what we can't or shouldn't do.
Catia V5 modeling

Catia modeling

ramp 3D printed

3D printed part

Robot frame, aluminium plate machined by CNC

  • The Electronic Team: is in charge to imagine and develops circuit board, manage different electronic component and make it work. The team works constantly with the mechanic team and the IT team. 
  • The IT Team: is in charge to develops the code for the robot, but also for the lidar. During a match, robots are completely independent, so the team had to code an ia, strong enough to manage all its tasks, find paths, avoiding obstacle and opposing robots. They also test mechanic and electronic part to see if everything works fine.

  • 5 × Servo Motors Servomoteur Dynamixel AX-12
  • 2 × DC Motors Maxon motor
  • 6 × Proximity sensor GTB6-P1211
  • 1 × Lidar Sick Lidar
  • 1 × 3D printer prusa i3 mk3

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Dan Maloney wrote 11/07/2019 at 15:52 point

I think these kind of contests are great, especially the head-to-head competitions where everything has to be autonomous. Great job!

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