Espruino Emulator

Espruino JavaScript interpreter for microcontollers, running in the browser

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Ever wanted to try developing some software for hardware, but don't have the hardware handy? This allows you to use the same Espruino IDE that you'd use to program real devices, but to run a complete instance of the Espruino interpreter (which would usually run on the microcontroller) inside the web browser and communicate with it just like you would real hardware.

Try it here:

Click 'upload' in the middle of the screen to start the VM and upload the code to it. This is emulating a VM with a 240x240 screen, running code

Currently this emulates a JS interpreter with Graphics, and 2500 vars storage - similar to Bangle.js

There's some stuff that would be really neat though:

  • Support for emulating different types of board
  • Robot support! We could have a WebGL virtual world and an emulated robot controlled by the emulated Espruino

Very basic digital IO is done - you can play t-rex now! - so actually hooking on to this to do robots should be relatively easy

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    Ensure you have Emscripten installed:

    git clone
    git clone
    cd Espruino
    mv emulator_espruino.js ../EspruinoWebIDE/js/plugins/emulator_espruino.js

    Then open EspruinoWebIDE/emulator.html in a web browser

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