E-paper dashboard using ESP32

Similar projects worth following is an E-paper display. is a E-paper display with a wide array of possibilities. It can be a weather dasboard, To-do list, picture frame, basically anything that requires a display. It contains an esp-32 module for WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, SD-card connector for storage, buzzer and RBG LED for notification, two capacitive touch buttons for user input, GPIO expander for interfacing with sensors, and a CP2104 USB-UART bridge for programming. It has a 2000mAH lipo battery and a charger as well.

  • Building The GUI

    Rohit Gujarathi12/16/2019 at 10:16 0 comments

    Building the GUI was not difficult at all. I first designed it in gimp and then converted it to code. The GxEPD library has an easy to use interface for displaying text, images, and geometrical shapes. The font I used is the GoBold , and the weather icons are feather icons

    Adding the functionality was the difficult part. The plan is to use the weatherunderground API for weather, todoist for TO-DO list and a network time server for syncing time. All these details will be updated every six hours. The esp32 is in deep sleep for most of the time. It wakes up changes the time with a partial refresh and sleeps. Every 5 mins it does a full refresh to avoid ghosting.

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  • Hardware

    Rohit Gujarathi12/16/2019 at 10:12 0 comments

    I always wanted a display on my office desk which showed time, tasks, calendar, etc and all I could find were devices with LCD displays. Their design did not appeal to me so I decided to make one myself with an e-paper display. The e-paper displays from good-display are very aesthetically pleasing if designed well and don’t need any power to display an image, which means the controller can update and go to sleep.

    The design of is very simple. It uses the esp32 as the main controller with wifi and bluetooth functionality, SD-card slot, GPIO expander (PCF8574), piezo buzzer, RGB LED and 2 capacitive touch buttons. And to program it I have added a CP2104 USB-UART chip which is powered through a solder bridge, so i can cut the trace for lower power consumption when required. The board does not have any sensors but can be added through the GPIO expander.

    The front panel contains the RGB LED and the two touch buttons. They are connected using a flat flex cable to the top side of the PCB. It wraps around the e-paper.

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ostropest wrote 12/28/2019 at 22:24 point

very nice, but problematic power.

is possible add wifi and solar panel? offgrid or

many people (i too) searching a ssh+terminal+linux=offgrid machine

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