Image transmit and Control by Smartphone 4WD Robot

Image transmit and Control by Smartphone 4WD Robot Car

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This article will be devoted to the development of a 4WD Robot that has "vision" using a common and inexpensive camera ОV7670, which will transmit images from the camera to a smartphone (in real time) over Bluetooth. The robot will also be controlled over Bluetooth from a smartphone.

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yu kyeongjae wrote 04/22/2020 at 11:36 point

Your project is amazing.I also got tft shield v.2 for arduino nano and implemented it, and it works very well.However, while using the app for Android that you attached, I wanted to change the behavior in my own way.That is, when the direction button is pressed, the corresponding character such as "F" or "L" is sent only once. But, the way I want to change is while the button is being pressed, the corresponding character is continuously transmitted and send an "S" after the button is released.So, if you don't mind, please send me the source code file of the app for Android by mail. (Your source code is a file written in Android Studio, right?)My email address is you so much.

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