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    Duane Thompson02/03/2020 at 13:13 1 comment

    The CO2 sensor vendor's Application Note ( CO2meter.com AN162 "

    Connecting SenseAir’s LP8 CO2 Sensor to Arduino
    via UART" has text Arduino code.  Upon copying the code into the Arduino IDE, I discovered that parens and curly braces did not match up, and there is a serious issue with line endings. 

    Compiling produced lots of errors. After spending several hours attempting to edit and compile, I contacted the folks at CO2meter.com, and a very helpful tech sent me a couple of files of Arduino code.  The code compiled, but I wasn't able to get a response from the sensor. 

    Hooked up the o'scope, and discovered I had made an old and familiar mistake: had accidentally transposed TX and RX.  

    OK, sensor working.  Whew. 

    Next steps: 

    port the code over to the Adafruit Adalogger M0. 

    Get the RTC working. 

    Log data to the Adalogger SD memory card.