Quantity   Component name
24 × 3030 Corner Brackets For the frame
6 × NEMA 17 For XYZ and E Axis
2 × M10 Push In Fittings For the Wire Feeder
3 × 90° M6 Push In Fittings (Optional) For the Shielding Gas Option
5 × TMC 2130 Stepper Driver
2 × DIY G 1/4 to M6 Connector A Brass Cap with a M6 Thread for connecting the Valve to the Push In Fitting
1 × 12V 40*40 Fan For Cooling of the Controller Case
1 × Junction Box For the 3D Printer Controller
1 × ID 9mm Silicone Tubing For the Watercooling System
8 × M5*8mm Screws For the Z Axis
16 × LM12UU For XYZ Axis
100 × M5*10mm Screws For the Frame, Sidewalls and the Rest of the Printer
1 × Lunch Box or similar For keeping Wire Spool isolated from all conductive surfaces
6 × 9mm Tube Fitting For the Watercooling System
100 × M3 Screws + Nuts For mounting Parts
12 × 500mm 3030 Aluminum Extrusion Profile For the frame
4 × WAGO 221-415 For Power Distribution
1 × Water Container For the Watercooling System
1 × Destilled Water For the Watercooling System
1 × Cable Sleeve For Cables and Tubes
100 × M4 Screws + Nuts For mounting Parts
1 × Circuit Breaker C4 For the Transformer
4 × WAGO 221-413 For Power Distribution
2 × Filament Spool Holders Spool Holders from Thingiverse to hold the Spool :)
12 × SK12 Bracket For Y and Z Axis
1 × Relay Module (Optional) For Contolling the Solenoid Valve
1 × Wire Feeder Roller For feeding the Wire
1 × Motor Coupler 5 to 8 mm For connecting the Motor Shaft to the T8 Threaded Rod
1 × 12V 30A 360W (or less) Power Supply Power Supply
1 × Watercooling Radiator For the Watercooling System
2 × 2mm Aluminum Plate For holding the Heatsinks in Place
1 × 60*40*20mm Aluminum Block For the Toolhead with 3 M6 Threads on the Left Right and Top and a M10*1 Thread on the Bottom. Also with four 5,5mm holes 5mm from the border.
100 × Washer for M5 Screws For the frame and other parts
3 × 560*500*2mm Aluminum Sheet Metal Sidewalls
2 × 12V 120mm Fans For the Watercooling System
6 × Springs For the Buildplate and the Wire Feeder
1 × Thermal Paste For the Heatsinks
4 × 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile For the Z Axis
1 × 560*500*3mm Polycarbonate Glass Sheet For the Front (Door or Magnet Mounting)
6 × Stepper Motor Cables For the Stepper Motors
1 × PTFE Tube For guiding the Wire
1 × 1,5mm² Cables In Red for 12V, in Black for GND, in Brown for AC, in Blue for AC and in yellow & green for Grounding.
1 × M4 Ring Cable Lugs For the Power Supply and for Grounding
28 × 3D Printed Parts Different 3D Printed Parts which hold everything together
1 × Cable Lugs For the Transformer
8 × 12mm CF53 Rods For XYZ Axis
1 × Dupont Connectors For Connections on the Printer Controller
1 × Thin Red ad Black Wires For 5V or Signal Connections
1 × RAMPS 1.6+ and Arduino Mega The Printer Controller
1 × 12V Watercooling Pump For the Watercooling System
1 × Circuit Breaker Case For the Circuit Breakers and Contactor
1 × 1,5mm² Wire End Ferrules For Screw Terminals
4 × 608ZZ Bearings To hold the Threaded Rods in Place and for the Wire Feeder
2 × Watercooling Heatsinks 40*40mm For the Watercooling System
1 × Cable Gland For the Power Plug Cable
1 × Plug Cable A 3G 1,5mm² Cable + Power Plug for 230V AC
1 × 12V Solenoid Valve (Optional) For the Shielding Gas Option
4 × 2020 Corner Bracket For the Z Axis
100 × M5 Screws + Nuts For mounting Parts
1 × 560*560*2mm Aluminum Sheet Metal Bottom
2 × G 1/4 plugs For the Pump and the Water Container
1 × USB Typer B to Type A Cable For Connecting to the Printer Controller
1 × ID 2mm OD 4 tube (Optional) For the Shielding Gas Option
1 × Circuit Breaker B10 For the whole Electronics
1 × 230V Contactor (Optional) For stopping the Printer if the C4 Breaker has tripped via the Filament Runout Detection
2 × 50mm² Cable Lugs M6 For Connecting the Printhead and the Buildplate
6 × M4 Nyloc Nuts For securing the Grounding Connections
5 × T8 Threaded Rods + Nuts For XYZ Axis
1 × 50mm² Cable A short thick Cable which is the Secondary Winding of the Transformer and also carrying the Work Current (multiple 100A)
1 × Phase Fired Controller A PFC which can control Inductive Loads, like the Transformer in this case.
1 × PWM Module for PFC (if needed) The PFC that I use needs a separate PWM Module for PWM Control. With it the Transformer Power Output can be controlled by the Printer Controller.
1 × Shrink Tubing For Solder Joints of Cables
1 × Electrical Tape For isolating the 50mm² Cable Lug
1 × 1200W Microwave Oven Transformer without the Secondary Winding The heart of the printer is an old Microwave Oven Transformer with the Secondary Winding replaced by 2 turns of an 50mm² Cable. It creates 3V from 230V and a lot of Amps which can easily melt 0.8mm welding wire.
3 × M6 Tooth Lock Washers For securing the 50mm² Cable Locks
1 × Current Sensing Switch For Z Endstop and Probing
1 × M6 Push In Fitting For the Toolhead