Toddler's Clock / Weather Report

A clock to teach your young kid, when it's time to wake u up, or to have a nap or go to bed.

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Picture change according to presets (An Owl for Sleep, A Girl and Kid for Play, a sleepink kid and bear for Nap time)
Weather reports
Audio functionnalities are missing, due to lack of time

More explanations and source code to come, if someone is interested in...

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Ovidiu SCHIOPU wrote 01/18/2020 at 11:33 point

Very nice graphics and case. Still, the idea of a RasPi seems an overkill. I am sure you can accomplish the same result with just a Nextion display and a ESP8266. After all, you just need to run a NTP client and parse a JSON response from a weather site once in a while. And the audio can be done with a 1$ MP3 player board that reads files from a microSD. This way you can have something that is more robust, boots faster and is much less susceptible to failures caused by accidental powerloss.

Looking forward for the following updates. 

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Jean-Philippe Paumier wrote 01/18/2020 at 14:50 point

Well, I'm more at ease with a pi, since I'm definitly a software Guy... Audio part needs to be driven by the ui, and the python embedded program is already architectured to do do. I don't doubt esp specialists will achieve the same the way you describe it, for l'ESS and better boot Time, but for the moment, I don't have this knowledge. This project was more or less a POC, and is presented "as is". Anyway, thanks for tout kind comments

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Jean-Philippe Paumier wrote 01/17/2020 at 20:35 point

Thank you ! 

It has proven its effectiveness while my daughter was under three. Then she learnt how to turn TV on 🙄

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Lutetium wrote 01/17/2020 at 17:44 point

I had one kid who refused to sleep, and one that refused to wake up. Then a third who couldn't sleep unless she was in motion - we spent a lot of time driving around to keep her napping.

Cracking the kid sleep problem is a hard job, especially once they get big enough to walk around the house. This looks like it might help. Good luck!

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