• Hello, World!

    kristina panos02/26/2020 at 00:55 0 comments

    I replaced all the caps except two -- I was so concerned about making sure the replacement big boy caps were short enough to fit that the 470µF I got is about 50% too big for the footprint. And I left the original 0.1µF because DigiKey doesn't have them (or else I couldn't find them). 

    Anyway, after screwing the board back down and reconnecting the fiddly-ass ribbon cables, she powered on but didn't type. So I retried the keyboard ribbon cable about five times, and it finally worked. Hooray!

  • Charge!

    kristina panos02/24/2020 at 21:10 0 comments

    I ordered my caps in two sets -- at first, I was just going to order the two big boys since they are extra squatty and seemed difficult to source, and use caps from my stash for the rest. But my stash is old, and I might as well replace them all with fresh ones.

    Anyway, the caps came today, so I'll see if I can get crackin' on this tonight.