• First Attempt

    morgan03/07/2020 at 17:33 0 comments

    As the description says, I'm trying to build a mounting system that allows for components to be neatly mounted, while maintaining flexible modularity. At first glance sometime off the shelf like actual DIN Rail would make sense. But not only am I cheap but I'm usually mounting things that don't have standardized mounting holes so I need to be able to make the platform easily too. 

    This first pass is very basic. Simple hooks that hang on the rails. The lower part was also supposed to have a corresponding hook but I miss calculated the spacing of the mounting slots so it just ended up being a stand off. Regardless it showed the basic hooks wouldn't quite cut it. Attaching a USB cable allowed the entire module to be pushed into an awkward angle, ethernet would have just knocked it off.

    AcrylicDIN OrangePi Module
    The basic hooks didn't quite work, also didn't help that I mounted the Pi in a bad orientation
    OrangePi mounted in enclosure
    It Looks good. That counts for something right?

    Even though this first pass didn't quite work out it is still showing promise. I've started on the second revision, based on a more sensible FreeCAD script that will hopefully not only make creating the modules much easier but have them mount much more stably.