• Picture of your messy workbench makes for a very personalized profile background

    03/05/2016 at 21:20 15 comments

    I feel that not a lot of people are taking advantage of the profile background feature, probably because they don't know what to put there. So the other day I thought that since a desk or workbench usually is pretty wide a picture of it would be great for that, plus it's very personalized/individual/unique.

    On my profile you can see my mess (that I might change from time to time), now show me yours! :)

  • An EE's Christmas cookies

    12/14/2015 at 19:09 16 comments

    Inspired by some other non Christmas themed cookies my family made I was struck with an idea...

    A spare/unused one of these:

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  • Virtual serial port tunnel (to use with ESP-Link)

    10/27/2015 at 00:12 3 comments

    Inspired by #ESPecially Easy AVR Programming I started playing around with ESP-Link a bit. As mentioned in the readme you can point some programs (e.g. Avrdude, PuTTY) directly at the ESP8266's telnet socket but as far as I can tell most others (e.g. Termite, Arduino, ESPlorer) will only work with serial ports. Therefore a tunnel from a virtual serial port to the ESP's telnet port is required.

    Some quick googling revealed com0com/com2tcp and socat should accomplish just that on Windows and Linux, respectively. It wasn't immediately obvious to me how to set up com0com so I made a detour over this other program also called COM2TCP. It was really easy to set up and worked right out of the box but unfortunately free usage is limited to 45 days so I went back and decided to figure out com0com.

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