Soldering sandwich jig

A simple jig for keeping the components in place on a perfboard.

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When I'm using perfboard, i like to design the layout of the components directly on the board. When the entire circuit is laid out, there's no easy way to turn the board for soldering. Inspired by a rack Bigclive used in a video (, I made this jig.

The idea is quite simple. Use a perfboard the same size as the one the circuit is on, as a holder for the foam. Use standoffs so that the foam is pressed enough to keep the components firm. I have cut some corners in the foam, to keep it in place. Hold the two boards in one hand, while screwing the board with the circuit on.
As the pictures show, even though there seem to be a gap above the TO-220 package, the socket still have its short legs through the board.

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Dan Maloney wrote 03/11/2020 at 16:51 point

I like this idea! Only question is: will the foam stand up to soldering temps? If not, maybe covering the surface of the foam with some Kapton tape would help?

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Morgenkaff wrote 03/23/2021 at 16:43 point

Sorry for the late reply (remember to update your mail in all the communities..).
I haven't had any problems with melting foam, yet. Have tried TO-220 packages, which I believe is the package that gets the hottest, of the ones I use.
But yeah. kapton tape, or maybe a foam that can take more heat would be a solution. Foam of active coal comes to mind there..

And thank you!

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