SAMV(semi automatic mechanical ventilator)

Semi automatic low cost, mass & Rapidly producible Ambu bag based mechanical ventilator for emergency

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As it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a health worker to manually operate an AMBU BAG for a convid-19 ill patient
this idea of a MECHANICAL VENTILATOR aris
1. Low cost (nearly for a highly contiguous lethal disease)
2. Rapid Production
3. Portable / Easy operable
4. Considerable effort reduction & safety of health worker
5. Absolutely helpful while transporting of patients
6. May be a good alternative in case of shortage of invasive ventilator
7. already plenty of past work had been carried out like open source in reputed universities (like MIT, USA)
As I am a researcher of physics this idea may require further medical assistance and applied engineering. I tried to illustrate concept by this simple demonstration with very limited source and time due to block down in my area but there is plenty of room for improvement with proper resources and potential people

Adobe Portable Document Format - 596.33 kB - 03/29/2020 at 08:21


  • 1 × motor
  • 1 × ambu bag
  • 1 × rotating arm
  • 1 × adjustable connecting arm
  • 1 × variable power supply

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