The Money BOMB

Achieving the Million Dollar Payday, or else ...
“Why aren’t you a millionaire yet?”

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One reason that many people fail to achieve their financial goals is that they fail to achieve what I will later develop and explain as “their own critical mass”, that is – even if their business plan is fundamentally sound, well timed, etc. Of course, by now you must be thinking: What is the secret formula? Why is it being withheld? Is it even possible … that there is some “secret equation” that is not so secret after all, it is just hidden in some obscure nuclear physics textbook – or in the Bible, or in the Koran, or else might even be inscribed onto the walls of some pyramid?

And of course, we are not going to tell you … unless first of all, we know who you are; and why you want to know … perhaps we could, I mean, there is after all the first amendment, and maybe we really could “just simply tell you”, but why should we?

Background - or "why you need a money bomb", part one:

If we remove fraud and exploitation from a business model and focus primarily on strategies that have strong ethics as a part of their core values, and if we also assume a large scale competitive free market situation, then it should follow that, in further consequence of laws of supply and demand, etc., that it must also follow that as economic efficiencies increase; it ought to become more difficult to achieve large gains through arbitrage.  This would seem to imply that because of efficient markets, societies will, in general, need to move toward a more transparent value-added perception with respect to the prerequisites for sustainable economic growth.

Yet, the notion of “achieving a critical mass” is usually understood in the context of bringing together an assemblage of enough fissile nuclear material, which having a sufficient quantity, density, and purity, as should enable the initiation and continuation of a self-sustaining nuclear reaction, and for such matters as producing useful energy, like in a nuclear power plant; or else – for the purpose of causing an explosion, e.g., as in an atomic bomb.  Hence, with respect to economics, one might by a similar line of analysis be inclined to introspect the various branches of relevant mathematics.

There are other areas of important inquiry; wherein the notion of “achieving a critical mass” might bear fruit.  Some of these will therefore be discussed in greater depth, according to this author’s means of providing such subject matter for further discourse.  There might be effects of turbulence or the so-called Nash equilibrium, yet let’s get back to ‘nuking the economy, or else trying not to if you know what I mean.

A critical mass of uranium, or plutonium for that matter, is achieved when on the average each fission event produces more than one subsequent fission event.  The main factors that limit that process are when neutrons escape from the fissile core, or when neutrons are absorbed by non-fissile materials within the core, which might include daughter products of the principal reaction.

By now, it should be clear what we are hinting at – when we mention “critical mass” and “greater than unity” in the context of building one’s personal wealth.  Now you have heard it said that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, or “there is no free lunch”, and all the rest; but just imagine if you did have a money tree that bore golden fruit; season after season.  What would you do?  Sell the fruit, and live off of the proceeds of each harvest?  Or plant more trees, until you have an orchard?

The doubling time is often what comes to mind to most people, and in economics; there are a few good rules of thumb to remember – such as the fact that at 7.2% interest you can double your investments in just over ten years; or curiously enough, at 10% interest; you can double your money in just under 7.2 years.  This is called the “rule of 72”, and it works fairly well; even all the way down to 1% interest, where after 72 years can expect to yield a total of 204.7% of your original investment.  Thus, if you can get your hands on, let’s say $1000.00, and invest it at 1%; you would only need to wait about 720 years, or actually “only” 694.2 years to build that little nest egg of yours.  And hopefully, there won’t be any inflation … ha ha ha ha ha ha hah!

Of course, if you could achieve 1% net growth per day; you could turn that same little nest egg into your own money orchard in less than two years!  That’s right, and since there are 365*2=730 days in those two years; it looks like you just might also get an extra 35 days, over and above the previously mentioned 694.2 days (or rather investment periods) that it was earlier determined that one would need. ...

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The Money Bomb 0419.pdf

This is the most current copy of the "documentation" for this project, written in a style similar to what you might find in a "peer reviewed journal"

Adobe Portable Document Format - 156.34 kB - 04/19/2022 at 12:39


  • 1 × Terra-Watt or Peta-Watt class laser, capable of continuous operation.
  • 1 × Method for separating entangled photons generated by aforementioned laser, e.g., a 1000 ton or larger obsidian block (suggested)
  • 1 × Appropriate cooling tower for above equipment. (if desired)
  • 1 × Spherical resonant cavity, having appropriate refractive properties.
  • 1 × Hologram of hyper-geometric processor, capable of scattering entangled photons. according to their evanescence.

  • Anatomy of a Deep Fake

    glgorman04/25/2022 at 13:40 0 comments

    Producing something that convincingly looks like a first look at a look inside a gargantuan black hole that is not only swallowing stars but which might also reveal a naked singularity, in addition to a traversable wormhole is quite simple.  First, substitute an ordinary LED flashlight for the "petawatt class laser capable of continuous operation" described in the instructions, i.e., in order to also satisfy the requirement that the project makes use of some kind of electrical components, even if it doesn't blink.  Then use a 3-d printed gear from another project as an "optical diffuser" instead of the 1000 kilo-ton obsidian block which was previously suggested as a means of sorting entangled photons.  If you can't obtain a "genuine host control" unit from "the Delos Corporation", ideally an unprogrammed "boron nitride doped diamond holographic processor", then just use any crystal or acrylic sphere, according to availability.  Lastly, a pair of crystal earrings (even though only one is in use) makes an ideal secondary subspace evanescent field processor, that at least in principle - COULD ACTUALLY WORK as a single q-bi quantum processor. 

    In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this NON PHOTOSHOPPED sneak preview of some kind of imaging provided by a not yet built future "electron telescope".   For now, actually building ORAC is a bit beyond the scope of the budget for this project, but building it and documenting it was a lot of fun.  

  • The Saga Continues

    glgorman04/19/2022 at 13:09 0 comments

    Getting some of the components together so as to finally begin assembling ORAC.  Things that are always useful to keep on hand are of course things like:

    1. Surplus flux capacitor,

    2 Host Control Units (HCU) from the Delos Corporation (operators of Westworld), ideally unprogrammed.

    3 Fissile Core.

    4 Auxiliary Photonic Processor. 

    As has been previously stated in an earlier post, an "electron telescope" module has been successfully tested.  Whether we can in the next phase of operations achieve fully tachyonic control of other machines, or else actually open up a pathway to either some kind of navigable worm-hole, or otherwise effect time-travel will depend on the efficiency of the actual components used.

    Your mileage may vary.  Not responsible for lost dog, missed bus transfer, rain on your parade, forgotten birthdays or anniversaries, or other causes and effects, whether as a consequence of temporal rift, ontological paradox, or whether or not Heisenberg's dog has fleas.  You have been warned.  For additional information, read the NDA.

    To Be Continued ...   

  • Developing genetic algorithms for Quantum AI

    glgorman04/15/2022 at 18:02 0 comments

    I took a piece of code that I wrote for drawing, as well as 3-d printing gears, and then in effect "cut" a gear in such a way that I could stretch the surface along an additional z-axis. Checking a chemistry textbook, I then implemented the correct number of "tooth faces" per turn as if they were the nucleotides per turn, according to the findings of Crick and Watson. Mating with a complementary strand, and voila, we have a representation of DNA!

    Thinking about how hair is braided, that is, in a mathematical context, appears to be within reach, and there would be something very cool about this also, that is, within the context of special and general relativity, if we were to think of strands of hair as being like the "world lines" of particles moving about in some field as according to a classic essay by Albert Einstein.

    I haven't quite gotten that far yet. Then again sometimes, it seems like history is just some stalagmite in the dripping course of time, and the whole thing is about to come crashing down if you know what I mean - in the context of world affairs.

  • Ever try the Red Pill?

    glgorman04/15/2022 at 07:45 0 comments

    Moving beyond the trivialities of thermonuclear detonation, ordinary stellar ignition, and all of that schoolboy stuff - there are other fun areas for exploration, and no I am not talking about any of those trillion-trillion-carat diamond cores of some leftover red dwarf stars that seem to populate the galaxy like so much left-over pie crust.

    No, let's contemplate something really exciting, like trying to traverse the wormhole that might be created if you can find a truly gargantuan black hole with just enough charge and spin so as to expose a so-called "naked singularity" And what if such a thing might just somehow expose, accordingly ... a double singularity, like what you would find if two neutron-stars could somehow be locked in a death spiral, like two serpents, each with a forked tongue, caught up somehow as if in a "devils embrace."

    Can you imagine the effects of the tidal forces on the Hawking Radiation? And what if the universe turns out to be nothing more than just another hall of mirrors, which reveals a maze of moving pathways, where somehow, we have no choice but to introduce the Riemann Zeta function since they’re quite simply put, is no other function that will work - in this situation, that is, not only as a structure-function for our field theory but for all string theories in general.

    Earlier, I mentioned that I would eventually like to be able to discuss the root causes of corruption and inequity in otherwise modern, civil societies; and yes we will be getting to that, eventually.  Now if you think that “being locked somehow in a devil’s embrace”, is some kind of clue about things to come, then yes it is, but there is much more to it than that.

    That is because, it is also important to remember that elements like gold and platinum are usually only formed from super-novae, yet I suspect that if strong enough tidal forces could be exerted upon the surface as well as the interior of a neutron star, that is by another large gravitating object – then mass ejections of hot dense neutron matter just might occur, which would of course rapidly deflagrate, leading to another possible pathway for the creation of heavy elements, including the aforementioned precious metals.

    Now if these elements are gravitationally bound, then the unimaginable wealth that might be created thusly, as we have just imagined – anyway, might be ever so transitory, or otherwise fleeting.  That is unless there is somewhere, just somehow lurking, some kind of opportunity, or other avenues for escape.

    Suffice to say, we will get there soon enough.  There is much more that needs to be discussed, however, in order to more fully develop a theory of corruption, which is not only epistemologically, but also theologically sound, this despite the fact that it should be possible to deduce a theory of corruption and of course, failure – purely on the basis of axiomatics, that is according to our rhetoric, and without any intrinsic need to proceed as according to some prescribed moral framework that has otherwise been handed down based upon tradition and authority.

    Oh, and let us not forget the role of chaos, turbulence, and entanglements!  Then after that, who knows?  Kinks in General Relativity and their implications with respect to fields dominated by wet, dark energy?  So much ever more fun awaits!  Stay tuned!

  • The World Model

    glgorman04/12/2022 at 12:13 0 comments

    In the introduction, I have presented the notion that concepts like "money", "investment theory", "wealth building", "financial success vs. failure", etc., can be understood within a context that is analogous to the design principles that are associated with nuclear weapons vs. nuclear power vs. stellar ignition, and so on.

    I postulate, therefore, that a successful AI will need a high-quality world model, which, IMHO would have to include some type of framework for such things as relativity theory, as well as for logical constructs concerning some type of quantum loop gravity, etc.  Such a framework would give also the program the ability to understand such things as how to braid hair, "understand" what DNA is, "imagine" Mobius loops, and all other such things that might otherwise require fluency with some type of 3D-CAD software – at least insofar as it is necessary to provide the AI the ability to formulate connection maps which are diffeomorphic to the geometrization of space-time. 

    Thus, is always interesting to contemplate the possibility that the Universe is actually just data, and that we are, of course, living in a simulation.  Since this log entry pertains to some kind of contest, on a system that calls itself, that must of course present some kind of conundrum - and a very important one at that - and that is - how to "hack the system", and with what tools and materials shall we make for our best efforts.  Do we fire up the De Lorean and head to the local hardware store and buy a few kilos of Plutonium and build a time machine?  Or should we build a new type of quantum computer that can hopefully crack the Satoshi hoard?  One of my favorite computers of all time, in science fiction, that is, was the machine "Orac" from the 70's British Sci-Fi series Blake's 7.  Orac had some nice features, such as the ability to use (I think) tachyonic sub-space energy fields to control other computers.  Maybe I will finally build Orac.  Or maybe not quite yet.  Rest assured that there WILL be some kind of hardware associated with this project, even if it turns out to be a simulation of a single quantum bit computer - it will at LEAST be able to sit there and blink!

    The World Model still comes to mind.  I really want to build something, eventually, that employs some form of speech recognition, and which can at least attempt to engage in "Eliza" type conversations with its users.  To some extent, therefore, I suspect that the "power of narrative" must eventually enter into the equation, since a carefully written narrative can provide a VERY convincing interactive experience for the user, that is if one wants to believe that they are "interacting with some kind of sentient AI".  Likewise, if I could introduce some kind of simulation of at least one aspect of any type of quantum computer - then that would also be a useful step in the right direction. 

    That would then lead to an AI, that is then built upon layers so that on top of loop gravity there might be another layer where everything is either Rat, Cat, or Cheese.  That is unless you are a rat; or are something else.  If you are a rat, then there is cheese, and there are mazes.  There is also sex, and there are the mazes that lead to sex.  There are also traps, and predators, and prey.  There might be locked doors, or other barriers to one’s progress … whether one desires wine, cheese, sex, or sleep – or all of the above!

    Everything is cheese!  Everything is sex!  Everything is Mazes! Or else there is rock, scissors, paper!

    Even if all I do is procure an acrylic fish tank, add a Parallax propeller and some blinking LEDs, so that different LEDs will light up according to different "emotional states".

    There is also the notion of survival.

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  • 1
    Obtain the components:

    Obtain all of the required components.  If a Terra-Watt or Peta-Watt class laser is not available, i.e., due to economic factors, supply chain issues, or legal restrictions in your jurisdiction, you may substitute a lower power, non-coherent photonic source, according to your individual budgetary and "other" constraints.

  • 2
    Build the Device:

    Instructions for this step will be provided, "eventually".  Rest assured - it actually works - and the image you are seeing is NOT Photoshopped.

  • 3
    Sign the NDA?

    This is where we are supposed to tell you who we are ... but neither you, nor we, or our friends and confidants are ready for that. That is why we do some of the things that we do. Usually, before we shamelessly "borrow" some research carried at great expense by some government agency, often that which is so classified that it doesn't have a three-letter abbreviation, we will in some manner, try to negotiate the appropriate rights to use that material, for whatever such purposes as we require, thus avoiding any sort of terrible mis-underestimation. In many cases, purely verbal negotiations, or otherwise personal relations have occurred, where only a limited reduction to writing has occurred with respect to such arrangements - often with a certain quality of understanding that we will try to respect the proper degrees of discretion that might be necessary, or which are ordinarily understood to exist, and thus if possible, we will try to respect the privacy of some, who are not  necessary part of this story, at least for as much as we are able.

     Likewise, as recent news events have indicated, sometimes it is necessary for us to "break privilege", so to speak, when a client, or confidant might be a danger to others. Cognizant of that, we operate with a similar understanding of discretion, but we nonetheless will exercise the ordinary discretion of a proper journalistic enterprise with respect to our sources and our reporting.

     In the real world, of course, that is not always possible, especially when we wish to write an utterly damning expose on someone we really don't like, and especially when the nature of our intention is to utterly repudiate their character based on our true best estimate of their inner nature. Thus, when we attempt to utterly mortify a public figure, or other corrupt institution, it is likely with good cause, even if we can at best support it sometimes with merely a scintilla of evidence.

    Yet let us be clear, while a scintilla of evidence might be just a little more than nothing, it is nonetheless something, and by virtue of the fact that it is something, and not merely nothing, where there is at least a scintilla, there is certainly at least something, and that something, at least, is quite often all that is needed for someone to come forward and open a more proper investigate, or else judicial investigation within such a body as would normally be the sort of venue to more closely examine such things as there may be, that is to say, if even under oath.

    Or else we can simply pursue justice in the political arena, and try to restore the proper equilibrium of the balance, and thus be exposing and moving beyond the equivocation of the facade in the current climate, we can continue to move on, once the implications of the innuendoes that we wish to prescribe have been realized.

    If none of this applies to you, you may proceed.  If any of this applies to you, you have been warned.  If you can't find a check box that says "I AGREE", then get out your check-book, as your taxes are about to go WAY UP!

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