Assembly Instructions:  

A ~6-7" x 1" or 1 1/2" foam strip on the headband is ideal.  Small amounts can be bought here:

Large quantities here:

This design is meant to be used with a 7" x 1/8" rubber band on the back, which are easily sourced in large quantities (unlike elastic band).  The shield is so light it take very little pressure to hold it on the head, and the rubber band is quite comfortable.  It can be placed in two different locations for smaller (child) sized heads to bigger heads.  That said, there is a 'flap' on each side of the shield that can accept elastic or cord ends, or even a single 3 1/2" rubber band cut in half.  When using the flaps, slightly thicker/wider material tends to work better (although it will hold a single 1/4" rubber band end).

Rubber bands small amounts:

Rubber bands in bulk:

I'm working on nesting the design into various sheet sizes.  Message me if you need something specific.

Feel free to use this design under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 license to help care givers in your area. Let's get our care providers the gear they need!