Arduino AI Project – Object Tracking Robot

Hey, in the previous posts and videos of this Arduino AI Vision Sensor Tutorial series, I told you what a HuskyLens is, what you can do with it and how you can connect HuskyLens to Arduino. How about an Object Tracking Arduino Robot? Guys in this video, I will show you how you can make an Object Tracking Robot using Arduino. Stay tuned!

Arduino AI-Based Object Tracking Robot Video Tutorial

Check out the below video and see the performance for yourself.

Components Needed to build Object Tracking Robot | Arduino AI Project

For this Object Tracking Robot Tutorial, you will need

  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • HuskyLens
  • L293D Motor Driver
  • Robot Chassis
  • Jumper Wires and Connecting Cables

About Ball Tracking Arduino Robot

With the advancement in robotic systems towards being autonomous surveillance robots, the need for more smart thinking robots has become very essential. One of the aspects of tracking an object from its visuals has been taken up in this project Object Tracker and Follower Robot.

In essence, this project clubs in image processing and driving a robot autonomously with what visuals have been caught as has been in the case of Machine Vision projects.

About HuskyLens

HuskyLens is designed to be smart. Built-in algorithms allow HuskyLens to learn new objects, faces, and colors through a single click. Moreover, by long pressing, HuskyLens can continually learn them even from different perspectives and in various ranges. The more it learns, the more accurate it can be.

Those AI algorithms outfit the camera with facial recognition, object recognition/tracking, color detection, line following, and tag detection. Users can also select different algorithms by pressing some buttons, so even people with limited understanding of AI can easily use the camera.

How it Works?

The bot tries to bring the coordinates of the ball to the center of its imaginary coordinate axis. This is how my robot works. I enjoy a lot working on this project and its a nice experience.

Find Complete Instructions, Circuit Diagram and Code Here -> Arduino Object Tracking Robot