For construction, I mainly used what I had in the garage. The fi8mm roller comes from an old printer. Springs mainly found at the junkyard. I had to buy bearings and joints. The top plate is 3mm aluminum. I cut the pattern using a drill, jigsaw and files. The print is made by thermotransfer. I mounted the plate with switches and divider resistors on the springs (flexible suspension). I put the details of the construction in the pictures and on the attached film. Electronics are Arduino Pro Micro (Atmega32u4). I downloaded the software from: by Hosenfuhrer,

however, I had to add button support (engine start, lights, wipers and others) and I did it using one Arduino analog input. The software allows you to connect a proportional (analog) hand brake and clutch pedal. The device when connected to the computer is seen as a joystick and does not require installing the driver.
Switching on the gear causes the microswitch to be short-circuited, and switching off tears it and forces the simulator to run in neutral.

My shifter in action: