• Ring Oscillator on Wood

    Dr. Cockroach05/12/2020 at 17:47 0 comments

    I had forgotten that I had this wood salvaged from the last hurricane.

  • Hypno Ring

    Dr. Cockroach05/12/2020 at 08:31 0 comments

    Just a little more fun with the Starburst Ring Oscillator / Sequencer circuit but just as simple wire art with a hypnotic ring of leds :-D

  • Final Sequencer Circuit - I think......

    Dr. Cockroach05/08/2020 at 21:48 0 comments

    I finally sketched out the circuit for the seven step sequencer for Starburst. This circuit is a closed loop except for the switch and that is only needed if the circuit does not start on its own when power is applied. Note the circuit outputs step by five, not sequentially.

  • Just a mess of wire for art

    Dr. Cockroach05/04/2020 at 23:34 0 comments

     Pretty much a single large entry as this was a quick and dirty art project. Enjoy the short video and images on how this all works as a unit. Keep i mind that no relays, transistors or IC's are used for the switching.