• Strange how projects become...

    06/18/2018 at 11:23 0 comments

    I have been here on Hackaday for almost two years now and have noticed how my projects have morphed from one to another.

    I started out with just a basic transistor adder circuit then decided to build a processor based on that adder.  That processor became IO -  The Cardboard Computer. Now in 2018 with the current HaD Prize contest, I decided to enter a color to sound device to aide the sight impaired to hear colors. That is called ColorChord and has already begun to morph as I am using part of IOs sequencer to improve the sound of Colorchord by controlling a drum voicer circuit.

    Now this leads me back to perhaps building a complete synthesizer and keyboard as well as adding sound  to IO.  It's all a huge circle and having a lot of fun and learning new things every day.

  • My basic building block - The nand gate

    12/21/2016 at 12:11 0 comments

    I hope this illustrates how I build my nand gates.

  • How I got to here

    12/21/2016 at 02:51 3 comments

    Received my ham radio call in 1974 while in high school in Hialeah Florida. A friend got interested in computers so our group helped him build his Imsai 8080. What fun coding our first programs and playing catch the rabbit on the led display. My first of many computers was the TRS-80. Years later I started building my own ham radio equipment as new stuff just cost way too much. Last winter I got interested in relay computers but figured the cost of such was also too high for me but a friend of the family had passed away and left me with all of his electronic parts that included several hundred transistors and diodes. A web site by Simmon Inns got me pondering about trying to build a computer processor after I had finished building his 4-bit full adder with transistors. So now I have some but not all of the sections needed for such a build and currently working on a Mux and Dmux circuit. With these I SHOULD be able to start connecting the parts and see if they will play nice. I am having a real blast learning this logic stuff even if I have waited till I hit the 60 years old mark. I need to say that I have come across a lot of information about logic gates and cpu's. Most I could follow and some information that I could not get my head around with my self taught electronics education. All in all, this is fun. One other point is that when my wife complains that I am spending too much time on this project I just have to remind her that I could be going to the exotic dance clubs in Myrtle Beach. That stops her in her tracks real fast. Then she just says I love you and walks away.