• A new project page in the making - insights and wisdoms

    03/06/2020 at 00:23 0 comments

    I think it is time to start a project to pass along any wisdom that I have either learned or has been passed down to me from my Mentor(s) through the years. To start off here is the cornerstone for all maker/hackers in life.


    The previous smartest man in the world was iconically disabled and lived four or five times longer than conventionally expected, and other than made a few nerds mess themselves did absolutely nothing but write a book that 90% of the population of said world understood. It paid for his healthcare tho...

    It also changed nothing, except cost taxpayers an awful lot of money to build a machine that straddled national borders to prove whether God exists or not. Popular opinion is the denominator, who cares about the fabric of the universe when its falling apart around your ears on a macro level and its your fault.

    Faith, much? And it wasn't the fault of the nerds, either, but its all a distraction just like Elon's latest venture.

    IDK. Quit fucking around, pick up some shit and fix something with it. Never mind if you make a penny, its shit. Welcome to our world...

  • What to make when your board

    02/23/2020 at 00:07 7 comments

    Well, I got a bit board today and decided to do something with a few bad parts that I was about to toss out. What can be made with a bad hard drive, its hardware and  bad CDs that will not boot properly?

    I love hot glue :-)

  • A new adventure packed year - 2020

    01/04/2020 at 11:21 0 comments

    Well, I am a tad late in saying Happy New Year to everyone but I truly do mean it. I have been in a sort of slump for several months, project wise, and there are a few ideas floating about but not exactly sure what to shoot for next. What ever it is, Light Logic will play a major part in it.

    I still want to continue with my " Marcus " fursuit. I still need to get to work on the feet paws and then the full body portion as I do have most of the needed materials.