Alternative to PanelDue. Embedded UI for Duet & RepRap based 3D printers. Running on the ESP32. WiFi or UART connectivity

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NEW RELEASE with improved hardware and software available here:

Supports wireless connection or wired via UART/PanelDue port.

An open source alternative to the PanelDue.

* Cheap (~18€ display + 7€ ESP32)
* Beautifully dark
* Compact and easy to use
* Support for most operations required to set up a 3D print
* Wireless connection - portable with power bar
* PanelDue-port/UART connection


Since RepPanel boots in ~1 second you can start setting up your printer in no time and with no additional hardware. No need to get the laptop and log in to DuetWebControl. No need to get mad over using WebControl in your smartphones browser.

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vnjhfgv wrote 06/01/2020 at 07:26 point

Cool, I really like your sharing. Thank you for your contribution!

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