Prototype of a CO2 heat mosquito trap

This is a quick prototype of a CO2 and heat mosquito trap.

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There were many videos about how to get rid of these swirling microscopic buzzers. A YouTube search will return results such as soapy water, sugar water, and soda water. Mosquitoes are difficult to be lured to a trap, they use four different senses, CO2, heat, smell, and vision, to locate some skin. So we need a better solution.

A proven effective way to catch mosquitoes is using carbon dioxide and heat as bait which later sucks them into a mesh bag as they came nearer. There are few companies that make this kind of trap. But it is more fun to build it. So I threw together this simple system as a test for the concept which I caught hundreds of mosquitoes in a few hours. The trap also catches no-see-ums. It uses a small butane heater as a source of CO2 and heat to heat up a flowerpot as bait and catches mosquitoes using a cooling fan with a DIY filter bag attached.

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