Planet Changing Idea:

This project will help in restarting business in malls and other arcades which are facing crisis due to the pandemic. The only reason, these shops are closed is because of health hazards encountered by people entering the malls. But, if the norms are followed, then no virus can enter a person. 

The basic norms to be followed are:

1. maintaining social distancing

2. wearing a mask such that it will protect you and the people around you from the deadly virus. 

If there is a system to ensure that these are followed judiciously, then we can restart living our normal lives because we have to realize that corona virus is going to be in our lives for quite some time. 

System working:

The system first checks if there is a scope for an extra person to be added in the mall premises without compromising social distancing protocol. If the system finds it suitable for the addition of people in the mall then these masks are to be given to the entrants at the gates. 

The system has distance sensors which allows a person to maintain 6 feet distance from another person. If the norm is not followed, then the system will beep and alert the user. In spite of this, if correction is not made, then the mall authorities will be informed.

The mask also contains a sensor which detects if the mask is worn by the user properly or not. It may happen at times that the mask slips down and the people do not realize it. In such cases, the mask detects this, by sensors which detects the folding of mask. There are other sensors (temperature sensors)  which also detect if the mask holder is worn behind the ears or not. If it is not worn, then the same measures will be taken as that of social distancing. This will ensure that all wear the mask in an effective way and the spread of the virus will be contained. 

It may happen, that the people may be fine while entering the mall, but may develop symptoms later. The mask, which has temperature sensors also detects if the user develops a fever during his/her time in the mall.

in this way, this simple mask, will give us peace of mind and lets us enjoy our lives as we used to before the strike of pandemic. 

System Requiements/components:

1. Cypress PSOC kits used:

CY8CKIT-WIFI-BT---To track the position WiFi kit would be required. 


2. AWS cloud services- The cloud service will be required to store the whole map of the mall and to draw out the algorithm to detect if social distancing is followed. The cloud services will also be required to obtain real time data and store it for further analysis. 

3. Temperature sensor

4. Flex sensor

5. Messaging protocol like MQTT. 

My level of expertise:

I am quite experienced in embedded IoT platform. I have made many IoT projects. I have published two papers,on IoT projects in international journals.