Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino (could be other micro or en ESP)
12 × LED, clear housing, red light, 3mm You will need 2x LED for each sensor unit (up to 6x2 pcs for the whole thing)!
1 × Wall wart 5 Volts / 5 Watt
1 × CD40106BE Logic IC 6x Schmitt Trigger Inverters (for up to six independent sensor circuits!)
1 × CerCap 100nF / 50V Capacitor for filtering and blocking spikes (soldered next to DIL Socket)
1 × DIL socket 14pol to plug in the Logic IC
1 × Experimenting PCB (w/ IC socket position) see https://tinyurl.com/ycq4xrn4 (or similar)
1 × Shielded cable (up to 8x 26AWG) or similar to connect sensor unit with Arduino (1x 5V, 1x GND, 6x Signal)
1 × Sensor Housing DIY style
1 × Arduino Housing