Making IR Remote:

The 1st step is to simulate the IR commends from micro controller. I have taken the "IoT Mini Kit" which has LPC804 and ESP8266. This board is designed by me a year ago.

I opened the IR remote and tapped the IR signal to my analyzer to understand the encoding button codes. i captured the waveform and found below required things.

Center Frequency: 38 Khz
Modulation: Pulse Width
Button Values  (12bits):





Based on these inputs i cloned the IR remote with LPC804 MCU. P0_12 is connected to IR LED negative terminal with 100R resistor. IR LED positive terminal is connected to 3.3v.

I did not find any IR LED at home so i had to purge it from actual remote. The Air cooler has i used has problem with FAN modes so just showed only ON/OFF control.

Finally tested the remote on Air-cooler and works well. here

Alexa Skills Setup:

In this step i have created all the required skills commands for Air cooler from amazon alexa developer skills.

Added INTENTS and Invocation name for the application. Also the end point is set to default skill code area. No lambda is required. HTTP requests are handled in the code area.


Finally the code is implemented with esp8266 to read and write the HTTP requests to aws. I used my to direct my HTTP requests. Added OLED into the board with i2c interface.

The working video is here.