In this Article we are going to see the basic design, applications, and functional operation of the Bass Boosted Stereo Amplifier using the transistor 2SA1943. Most of the amplifiers made using different transistors make more noise, popping, interference and show other attenuation characteristics. But finally we got the best transistors to balance all these things and manage to give us the proper modulated frequency generated signal with originality. 

The experiment uses a minimum number of electronic components and is easy to use for the user and also for the repair in case of any technical faults and issues. The sound generated from this amplifier makes optimal modulation when compared to the generated audio signal from the input source. So, let’s go in deeper to understand the full experiment and grab the practical knowledge of bass boost stereo amplifier using 2SA1943 transistor. 


The working operation and principle of this bass boosted amplifier is the same as that of normal power amplifiers. The receiver gets the signal generator frequency and does the optimum modulation and simulation for variable characteristics simulation. Input gets modulated and transforms the required signal frequency given as the input to the circuit. 

Components Required: 

  1. 2SA1943 Transistor (2)  
  2. 1k Ohm Resistor (2) 
  3. 1000uF Capacitor 
  4. Heat sink 
  5. Paper 
  6. Aux cable 
  7. 4-8 Ohm Speaker 
  8. 5-9V DC power supply 

Circuit Diagram: 

Step by Step Procedure: 

 Place paper strips on the heat sink and put the transistors 2SA1943 as shown in the figure below 

Attach the transistors with the help of screw 

Connect 1k Ohm resistor to the collector and base terminal of the transistor. Do the same for the other transistor also 


Short circuit emitter to emitter terminal of the transistor as shown in the figure 

Connect 1000uF/25V Capacitor to the collector terminals of the both the transistors

Connect Aux wire to the terminal of the capacitor through the resistor 

Attach 4-8 Ohm speakers with each other as shown in the figure 

Attach the speaker wires to collectors of the transistors 

Connect input wires of 5-9V to the transistors 

Now attach the left out wires of the speaker to the microcontroller 

 Attach the Aux input to our smart phone or laptop as shown below 

Our bass boosted power stereo amplifier using the transistor 2SA1943 is ready 

Part Number Alternative/Replacement/Substitute/Complimentary: 

If you are unable to find the transistor 2SA1943 then you can also use the substitute or an alternative of the transistor which shows similar thermal, physical and operational properties of the transistor 2SA1943. 

2SE5200, TTC5200 

Equivalent Part Number of 2SA1943:  TTA1943

Same family of Transistors: 

TTC5200, TTA1943, 2SC5200N, 2SA1943N

Download Free data sheet of 2SA1943

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The bass boosted stereo amplifier using 2SA1943 transistor is used in a wide range of applications including home theatres, power amplification and other various engineering applications. It creates the best quality and clarity sound after it has been amplified from the circuit with best signal generation without noise and minimum attenuation.