AND!XOR DC28 Badge

DEF CON may be canceled but we are still doing a badge

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Nostalgic Blackberry Keyboard, Bling turned up to 11, and socially distant.

DEF CON was finally canceled due to a pandemic... but that doesn't mean we can't still make a badge and ship drops all around the country for proxy haXors to give them away for free :) This year's badge provides bling, an embedded yet socially distant and inclusive CTF text-based adventure (i.e. if you dont collaborate in Slack you LOSE), and a port of MyBASIC extended to the hardware to make it hackable.

This wouldn't have been possible without our Philanthropist Backers and Generous Sponsors. Show them some love because without them, you hackers wouldn't be getting badges and instead would have to resort to the pool party on the roof:

Project will be open sourced sometime in September.


CTF Public Slack Workspace:

CTF Scoreboard:



  • 1 × PCB Custom Designed - Fab by Macrofab
  • 1 × Acrylic Faceplate Custom Designed - Fab by Ponoko
  • 3 × AAA Battery Holder Keystone 1020
  • 1 × MCU STM32F412RET6
  • 1 × Screen - OLED (common to shitty cell phones) ER-OLED0.96-1.3B-1655

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    Hyr0n07/25/2020 at 17:07 0 comments

    Read The F-ing Manual

    Made with beer and late nights in California.

    TLDR: This year's badge provides bling, an embedded CTF text-based adventure, and a port of MyBASIC extended to the hardware to make it hackable.

    AND!XOR (@andnxor)
     * @zappbrandnxor
     * @hyr0n1
     * @bender_andnxor
     * @lacosteaef
     * @f4nci3
     * @Cr4bf04m

    Artwork for PCB Silkscreen, Acrylic, Bandanna, & Lanyard: Doc

    VOIP Service Puzzle, Greetings, and Lulz: Alethe Denis (@AletheDenis) at Penguin

    Puzzle Design & Intern of the Month Award Jun: Will Caruana (@WillCaruana)

    Puzzle Design & Beta Testing: Kur3us (@kur3us)

    Filming & Editing: Mike Laan (@mlaan)

    Sponsors: Urbane Security, Penguin, inspectAR, & Philanthropists



    Badge Hardware

    Hardware information about the badge


    * PCBA: MacroFab 
    * Acrylic Faceplate: Ponoko
    * MCU: STM32F412RET6
    * Screen (OLED): ER-OLED0.96-1.3B-1655
    * Screen (TFT): ST7735 128x160
    * LEDS: APA-102C-NEW
    * Keyboard: Blackberry Q10 (BBKB)
    * Keyboard Connector: BM14B(0.8)-24DS-0.4V(53)
    * 8 MHz Crystal (STM32): X50328MSB2GI
    * USB-C: TYPE-C-31-M-12
    * Battery Holder: Keystone 1020

    Inspect AR

    Want to inspect the badge without disassembling the acrylic faceplate?
    We've partnered with InspectAR to leverage augment reality to just do that. 
    * Website:
    * Google Play Store:
    * Apple App Store:
    * Nokia Sidekick Store:

    After installing the app on your phone, login and select "Sponsored" projects, search for "AND!XOR DC28," and download.

    Badge Interface Usage

    * Move Up: SYM+W
    * Left: SYM+A
    * Down: SYM+S
    * Right: SYM+D
    * Quit/back: SYM+Q
    * Delete: ALT+Backspace
    * Use ALT to type alternate characters _(e.g., ALT+B == !)_
    * Special Characters
      * { : SYM+U
      * } : SYM+I
      * \ : SYM+G
      * = : SYM+L
      * [ : SYM+T
      * ] : SYM+Y
      * % : SYM+P
      * ~ : SYM+V
      * & : SYM+$
      * ^ : SYM+C
      * < : SYM+N
      * \> : SYM+M
      * | : SYM+F
    * Bling Rager Mode: SYM+R (while in bling app)

    Capture The Flag Scoreboard

    AND!XOR Public Slack

    Over the past couple of years, hackers engaged in the CTF have setup slack environments to collaborate and learn from one another. We think this is awesome and decided to setup an open slack to support this. There will be channels dedicated to each badge, i.e. DEF CON 28 (WHICH IS CANCELED, THE SAD LOLZ!) is under #dc28. We ask that you abide by only a couple cardinal rules:

    * Rule 0 - Don't be an asshole
    * Rule 1 - No spoilers...

    So Rule 1 is kind of an extension of Rule 0, but it's the grey area. You're going in to slack for many reasons (which will be explained below, see BENDERPISS "frend"), and one of them may be to ask for hints because you want to learn. If you are gonna just spoil it and another wants to know how you completed a challenge, do the world some good and direct message them. Use the channel to be Socratic, answer questions by asking questions leading in the right direction, critical thinking is key to building your hacking proficiency (but if you just want to give it away, be kind enough to use direct messaging). It's a CTF with a scoreboard, so if you just dump an answer into a chat channel, you're only hurting your own score :P

    AND!XOR Public Slack Sign Up:

    Badge Enabled Non Directive Enigma Routine Portable Interface SyStem (BENDER~PISS) 

    A variant of the BENDER CTF has been created such that it can be played standalone with the BBKB, on the badge, without the use of a serial terminal client. However, the back-end magic MITM wizardry which exists allows you to do both, as whatever you do in BENDERPISS is mirrored over the RS232 connect and vice versa. In...

    Read more »

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