Modular, cheap micromouse

Recycled components used to build a pi-driven micromouse

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Built from Robofest Zimbabwe, this device will be a micromouse built out of components that I have on hand - no new stuff :) The maze-solving brains will be a raspberry pi belonging to a friend of mine. This will pass serial commands to an ATMega328, which will control the stepper motors (from old printers) and read data from a choice of sensors. The sensors will be IR distance sensors using two phototransistors (from a scanner) and the IR LEDs from a broken RC hellicopter's remote. However, I plan on making a standard sensor protocall so that I can add sensor boards (based around an ATtiny85) at will. So far I have designed and built the main control board with stepper drive (see picture). I will continually update this as I add stuff (Chassis, battery, sensors etc). Any tips much appreciated :)

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