Particle accelerator RF engineer, PhD stdnt, ex NI/LabVIEW employee. Python lover, satellite and r.astronomy fan. I like trains.

Didcot, UK
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This user joined on 04/15/2014.

Things I've Built

Home lighting controller with web interface

Under Construction. In my house there are addressable strips installed throughout the living room, and this software will provide a web interface that can identify moods from songs and build appropriate light shows.

WiFly Retro Tweet Ticker

Under Construction. A tweet ticker built into a retro case with old calculator-style LED displays. Probably running on a Teensy or an Arduino Micro.

Xbox Server

I modified an Xbox to run as an x86 server with a built in wifi router and a custom front panel with the router indicators broken out. It was designed for use at LAN parties. I had to throw it in the skip when moving house. Tears were cried.

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fl@C@ wrote 06/20/2014 at 00:40 point
Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to seeing the STM project progress!!

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