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    Step 1

    With this project, you will be able to automate a welcoming music for either your smart home or your smart office. As long as someone is around, the music will keep playing your favorite playlist at home or a welcome music to greet your customers or business partners while they wait in the lobby of your office.


    • Start music once detecting any motion around
    • Keep playing as long as there is someone
    • Control your speaker via a TelegramBot
    • Create a smooth atmosphere in the room with an audio automation

    This project requires no special skills, very little equipment and can be done in less than an hour. It’s perfect for anyone who begins in home automation or an aficionado looking for new ideas and a powerful smart home OS.

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    Step 2


    • Raspberry Pi v2 or v3 ($20-$35) // with a RPi2, you will need a WiFi dongle
    • 16Gb SD card ($9) PIR sensor for Raspberry Pi
    • Speakers (with auxiliary cable)
    • A USB stick

    If you already have speakers, this project can be done for less than $50.

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    Step 3


    You first need to build the smart hub that will control the automation of your ring bell and connect all devices together. Prota OS for Raspberry Pi is our free smart hub OS which is very easy to install. In no time you will turn your Raspberry Pi into a smart home automation hub!

    You can download Prota OS here. Then burn it on the SD card.

    We made an easy guide you can follow to set up your Prota Pi.

    Alternatively, you can check this Instructables.