• synchronous switch-mode charging with up to 2.1A / 91% efficiency,
  • discharging with up to 2.4A,
  • 5V boost converter with up to 92% efficiency,
  • integrated power-path management (charging battery and 5V output at the same time),
  • voltage based fuel gauge indication with 4 LEDs,
  • on/off key,
  • smart load detector (switching to standby mode automatically),
  • less than 100uA standby current,
  • charging/boosting with a single inductor,
  • output over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit protection,
  • input over-voltage, over-current protection,
  • battery over-charge, over-drain, over-current protection,
  • thermal shutdown.

Key functions:

  • If button is pushed longer than 30ms but shorter than 2s, IP5306 will identify the action as short push. Short push will open SOC indicator LEDs and step-up converter.
  • If button is pushed longer than 2s, IP5306 will identify the action as long push. Long push will close step-up convertor, SOC indicator LED and PWR LED (flashlight).
  • If button is pushed shorter than 30ms, IP5306 will ignore the action.
  • If two short push is detected within 1s, IP5306 will open or close PWR LED (flashlight).