After receive the IR blaster, I opened it and I was very surprised that contain a ESP8266EX processor and a connector to simply program it.

So I proceded to map all and here are the list:

-  a 8Mbit flash (1 Mbyte);

- 6 IR led connected to GPIO 5 (through 6 transistrors);

- 1 IR receiver (seems and TSOP32238 ) connected to GPIO14;

- 1 Red led connected to GPIO4  (through 1 transistror), usefull to show states;

- 1 Pushbutton connected to GPIO13

The only problem of this device is the flash memory. 1 Mbyte is enough for build all application but often isn't possible use OTA to upload your sketch via wifi.

So, I soldered a pin and connect to a FTDI interface to program  the IR Blaster. To test I used a firebase database. See my sketch.

I also use the wifimanager library to configure the wifi access parameters on line .

The sketch is very simple. Create (if don't already exist)  a tree structure on Firebase with the chipId ad root, and temperature, fan speed and power ad child.