Autocorrect Remover

People can better learn by correcting misspellings. Google docs and others autocorrect/show the word rather than letting you retype it.

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With lots of folks learning online now, even English class, this is not great for learning, people don't learn what words they are misspelling. Especially with Google docs auto correcting or showing the word and not letting you think about and re type it… and other systems doing the same, auto correcting or trying to say what you should type (with a tab… MS outlook online…)For this project I started a Chrome addon for turning off auto correct - and gamifying high percentage of correctly typed words, for English learners and writers.Demo:

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Patrick wrote 09/10/2020 at 07:56 point

That could be really useful for people who write a lot and like a touch of competition - people like me. I'm going to use it in my website desing projects at because no matter how much I write, I still make many mistakes. Maybe thanks to this Autocorrect Remover I'll finally learn something! :)

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