Microbit Greenhouse Monitor

Microbit based environmental monitioring.

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This project is intended as a useful educational tool, allowing schools to utilise the BBC Micro:bit to collect data from a greenhouse, and display it on a webpage. In order to facilitate network connection, data is sent from the Micro:bit to an ESP32 hosting a local webserver.

A Sparkfun weather:bit microbit carrier board is utilised, providing interfaces with a rainfall sensor, wind speed/direction sensor, humidity sensor, soil moisture sensor, and a soil temperature sensor. Along with this, and I2C interface is provided.

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    Gather Components

    You should find all the major components in the "Components" tab of this project. Additionally, all of the models in the OnShape document linked on the project homepage should be printed, and the custom PCB provided in the project documents should be manufactured.

    Additionally, you will need to have some 12V source available. This may be something like a solar setup, or a simple 12V line from an AC adapter. In order to drive the pump this will need to be able to source at least a few amps.

    Things such as wire, bolts, screws, and nuts are assumed.

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    Solder Electronics

    Electronic components must be soldered to the custom PCB. Additionally, a four pin connector to go between the ESP32 board and the micro:bit must be created. This can be seen as the ribbon cable in the project images, and includes a VCC, GND, RX, and TX line.

    You will also need to attach a long wire to the soil moisture sensor. Length of this cable will depend on your application.

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    Wind/Rainfall Sensors

    If wind or rain sensors are being used in the projecet, these should be mounted in a raised location, where the wires can still reach the micro:bit board.

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