• B2 Sample finished - Project Canceled

    DevLab.nrw12/12/2020 at 16:01 0 comments

    Okay guys, the project will be canceled. Even with the 30mm Screw the results have not been satisfying. The extruded volume was too low and I had a lot of problems with molten pellets stucked and baked on the screw. So I don't want to invest no more effort. Instead I will go on with another project and a 'real' extrusion screw. So stay tuned

  • B1 finished, Start of B2 Sample

    DevLab.nrw12/01/2020 at 11:10 0 comments

    The B1 sample is finished. The wiper motor had an overheat defect, therefore a new 250W motor is used. Wich, suprisingly, costs the same. Because of the new motor dimesions the hole machine design needs to be changed, but testings have been promising so far.

  • B-Sample First Testrun

    DevLab.nrw10/01/2020 at 04:46 0 comments

    Finished the mechanical part an made some testruns. Had some problems with stucked pellets and added a second heat band. Also needed to reduce the inner diameter of the nozzle. 

    The Problems with burned filament are now gone.

    Will add a second temperature controller and change the gear ratio as well as the hopper design.

  • B-Sample - Mechanic nearly finished

    DevLab.nrw09/22/2020 at 04:46 0 comments

    The 3d print of the Hopper finished. Also assembled Hopper, Motor, Gears and Power supply.

  • Further Work on B-Sample

    DevLab.nrw09/18/2020 at 19:43 0 comments

    Drilled the plates, cutted the threaded rods, tested the ball bearings, assembled the first test-Hopper, cutted the nozzle inlay + thread cutting

  • B-Sample: CAD-Model finished, start of Assembly

    DevLab.nrw09/13/2020 at 12:07 0 comments

    Took a few CAD Sessions but I came up with an usable model. (without housing for the first step) Also began with the mechanical assembly. The Extruder Pipe with flange is ready and I am temporary working on the sheet elements.

  • Finished A-Sample, Start of B-Sample

    DevLab.nrw09/06/2020 at 07:46 0 comments

    Starting with the CAD Work for the B-Sample. The A-Sample will be disassembled and some of the parts will find a place at the B-Version

  • Finished testings of the A-Sample

    DevLab.nrw09/05/2020 at 21:00 0 comments

    Finished all the testings with the A-Sample. Yarn, Filament and smaller beams can be extruded.  For further testings and increased Quality of the extrudes materials, a better mechanical and electrical construction is needed.  So lets move on to the B-Version.

  • Test of the functional Prototype

    DevLab.nrw09/03/2020 at 06:52 0 comments

    The functional Prototype works ! The mechanical construction and the wiring a really poor at the moment. But even this low level machine gives acceptable results. Next step will be some testing if a speed control is needed and if a Arduino 'Motheroboard' is used instead of single controller