• B-Sample First Testrun

    DevLab.nrw10/01/2020 at 04:46 0 comments

    Finished the mechanical part an made some testruns. Had some problems with stucked pellets and added a second heat band. Also needed to reduce the inner diameter of the nozzle. 

    The Problems with burned filament are now gone.

    Will add a second temperature controller and change the gear ratio as well as the hopper design.

  • B-Sample - Mechanic nearly finished

    DevLab.nrw09/22/2020 at 04:46 0 comments

    The 3d print of the Hopper finished. Also assembled Hopper, Motor, Gears and Power supply.

  • Further Work on B-Sample

    DevLab.nrw09/18/2020 at 19:43 0 comments

    Drilled the plates, cutted the threaded rods, tested the ball bearings, assembled the first test-Hopper, cutted the nozzle inlay + thread cutting

  • B-Sample: CAD-Model finished, start of Assembly

    DevLab.nrw09/13/2020 at 12:07 0 comments

    Took a few CAD Sessions but I came up with an usable model. (without housing for the first step) Also began with the mechanical assembly. The Extruder Pipe with flange is ready and I am temporary working on the sheet elements.

  • Finished A-Sample, Start of B-Sample

    DevLab.nrw09/06/2020 at 07:46 0 comments

    Starting with the CAD Work for the B-Sample. The A-Sample will be disassembled and some of the parts will find a place at the B-Version

  • Finished testings of the A-Sample

    DevLab.nrw09/05/2020 at 21:00 0 comments

    Finished all the testings with the A-Sample. Yarn, Filament and smaller beams can be extruded.  For further testings and increased Quality of the extrudes materials, a better mechanical and electrical construction is needed.  So lets move on to the B-Version.

  • Test of the functional Prototype

    DevLab.nrw09/03/2020 at 06:52 0 comments

    The functional Prototype works ! The mechanical construction and the wiring a really poor at the moment. But even this low level machine gives acceptable results. Next step will be some testing if a speed control is needed and if a Arduino 'Motheroboard' is used instead of single controller