Injection Molding

Building an Injection Molding Machine

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The goal of the project is to develop a modular, easy to build and inexpensive machine by using standard components.

A-Sample: [finished ]
functional prototypes, usually with limited scope of service and low degree of maturity

B-Sample: [finished]
functional, basic prototypes with full scope of service and a high level of maturity. They may be created using pilot tools.

C-Sample: [finished]
fully functional sample manufactured with series production tools

Injection Volume: ~ 135mL
Material Costs: < 200€
Building Time: ~ 10hr

Finally we made it. The machine works and the project is finished.
Nevertheless it still needs some smaller 'adjustments' which we will implement during the next months on the fly.

All credit goes to the VELTINS and Krombacher Brewerys, also many thanks for the guys from the precious plastic Discord-channel for bringing in a lot of great ideas.

Cheers Up guys

Development of an Benchtop Injector for making plastic parts by injecting molten plastic into an aluminium mold. 

The main field of application will be Education-purposes, small batch production and prototypes. Mainly for parts which need a higher durability or lower cycle time than 3d-Printed parts.

The side effect is a lot of fun by building the machine :-)

Project overview is done/available in MIRO:

Feel free to join the DevLab_TSA Makerspace Discord-Channel

Injector C-Sample v27.f3d

fusion - 1.13 MB - 09/01/2020 at 05:42



CAD File of the C_Sample

Adobe Portable Document Format - 36.29 MB - 08/31/2020 at 04:49


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