The hex Inverter MC14069UBCP is Integrated and designed with MOS P-Channel and N-channel mode devices with the monolithic fabrications and designed simulation structure. The Hex inverters are used for the primary power dissipation low power noise immunity with desired voltage range. 

The propagation delay of the timer circuit is compatible and used to minimise the single stage power amplification and applications usage. The Hex inverter single layer overlaid protective technology comes with fast switching high integrated processes. 

utsource MC14069UBCP price Integrated Circuit 

The Minimise of large overlay voltages and minimum loss power dissipation is a high noise desired signal. The Integrated Circuit MC14069UBCP used for the propagation signals delay with Pulse width modulation (PWM) response and cycles. 

Key Features of MC14069UBCP:

  1. The voltage supplies of MC14069UBCP range from 3V to 18V
  2. It is capable of driving high voltage 
  3. The TTL and over load rated temperature 
  4. Highly compatible and comes with a Pin-for-Pin replacement 
  5. The Integrated Circuit MC14069UBCP meets JEDEC specifications 

Pinout Configuration and Top view of MC14069UBCP: 

The pinout configuration with respective terminal specifications and layout is shown in the figure below, please have a look 

MC14069UBCP Pinout Configuration

As you can see from figure MC14069UBCP comes with a 14 pin layout design with different specifications and optimal control functions. 

Applications of MC14069UBCP: 

As shown in the figure below MC14069UBCP is used in the Hex inverter and switching power regulation electronic circuits 

MC14069UBCP Power regulation application

  1. It is also used in oscillating power signals 
  2. Find wide range of applications in power electronics 
  3. Suitable for the compatible fabrication simulation design 
  4. Also used in power switching electronic circuits 

MC14069UBCP Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary

If you are unable to find the Integrated Circuit (IC) chip MC14069UBCP then you can also use the replacement or substitute of an IC which shows similar functional and thermal properties of the IC MC14069UBCP.

So the substitute, replacement or an alternative of MC14069UBCP is NTE4069 

Equivalent Part Number of MC14069UBCP: 

The equivalent part number of MC14069UBCP is MC14069

Data sheet of MC14069UBCP


The Integrated Circuit chip MC14069UBCP is used for the sawtooth oscillation frequency response and single voltage application for the source load overlay and power electronic specific terminal layout design. Because of its compact size and defined control programmable shows ultimate switching capability of the circuit and leads to the better performance and efficient power regulation of the device for long usage.