Quantity   Component name
1 × Teensy 3.6 The microcontroller that does all the work. Has hardware based capacitive sensing and great audio handling capabilities.
1 × Teensy Audio Shield. Processed the audio: mixes the story file with the noise file based on the sensor reading (i.e. distance)
1 × Copper tape + conductive pigment From the teensy down the arm, acts as an antenna for the CapSense
1 × PAM8302A Audio ICs / Audio Amplifiers. To enlouden.
2 × Capacitors One large (~100uf) one small (~100pf) between the amp's Vin & GND as a decoupling filter.
1 × Small piezo speaker 8 OHM 96 DB 0.5W/0.8W, 15mm
1 × 10kohm Resistor Between the Audio Shield out and the amp in, as a noise filter
1 × USB cord For power/debugging