Workshop Details:

3D printing onto fabric opens up many design opportunities, not only for areas within the realms of fashion but in functional areas too. 3D printing on fabric enables materials to fold or crumple in predictable, repeatable ways. Through this workshop, you will learn the skills required to execute this technique, along with some design considerations for when you make your models. There will also be a discussion around the various applications this technique lends to. This workshop assumes you are already relatively comfortable with 3D printing/slicing and will be utilizing Cura (though the technique works using other slicers too)

Instructor: Billie Ruben

Billie is a serial-skill collector, ex moderator of /r/3Dprinting, and current admin of the largest 3D printing Discord server. She is best known for her posters on 3D printing, her experiments 3D fabric printing, and her novel mechanical keyboard designs. She loves blending fields of interests, skills, and eras to form new and creative projects.