RaaS: Reality as a Service

Run control code on our robots! RaaS is a hosted robotics platform that's free to use and open source.

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We made Reality as a Service (RaaS), an open source platform for hosting physical OpenAI Gym environments.

You can use it by submitting a GitHub repo with python controller code to a web based front end. The python interface matches the standard OpenAI gym interface A job queue is popped by robot instances and the results of this run are then published on the web interface. You can also watch them run live on a twitch stream

All code and hardware (which is intentionally minimal, cheap, and off the shelf) plans are available in the repo listed below.

Graphics Interchange Format - 1.30 MB - 11/05/2020 at 02:38


  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 4
  • 1 × L298N Motor Driver
  • 1 × Gearbox Motor with Encoder, 12 V, 600 RPM
  • 1 × Paint Stirrer
  • 1 × 4mm Flange Shaft Coupling

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