The Dactyl Lynx is a parameterized, split-hand, concave, columnar, ergonomic keyboard.

This is my fork of the original Dactyl. I've changed a few things:

  • Rotated thumb clusters to be close to vertical (inspired by the Dactyl-ManuForm and the way my thumbs move)
  • Steeper tenting angle
  • Ergodox-compatible keycaps! (it doesn't use all of the Ergodox keys, but the keys it has should all be able to be sourced from Ergodox keycap sets - effectively the same as the Phat Dactyl)
  • A simpler one-piece chassis
  • Modified keyswitch holes to support Kailh hot-swap sockets
  • Added a TrackPoint module between the D, H, B, and M keys (H, J, N, and M on QWERTY)

Future plans:

  • Adding mouse buttons (and maybe a scroll wheel?) next to the right-hand thumb cluster
  • Adding a thumbstick to the left side?
  • Multiple user-defined key maps that can be uploaded via USB and easily toggled between on the fly (I want this to replace my Orbweaver) - Use QMK's Raw HID support.
This board will use (a slightly modified?) QMK for firmware.