The Eduponics Mini ESP32 board consist of the following onboard sensors and modules:

  • ESP32-WROVER Microcontroller
  • Water quantity, soil moisture and pump XH2.54 interfaces
  • Tiny relay that is used for controlling the pump
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • 12 V DC Power interface
  • USB Type-C programmable interface (UART)
  • Reset Button
  • Wake up button (can be used with deep sleep for interruption)
  • RTC DS1307 Module
  • BH1750 I2C Light sensor
  • BME280 I2C Temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensor
  • Extension for DHT11 / DHT22 sensor
  • AT24C02 EEPROM chip
  • IO Expansion pins to connect extra sensors or modules

Except that, the actual kit comes with:

  • Soil moisture (custom made design, highly accurate)
  • contact-less water quantity sensor
  • submersible pump