Face Tracking Mobilephone Turret

A automatic facetracking mobilephonestand for videocalls, with manually control possibility

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When I video chat with my daughter, I got tired of holding the phone in my hand or placing it against random objects where it sometimes was filming in to empty space. Therefore, I wanted a phone holder that could trace my face and move the position of the phone accordingly.

Description : Face Follow Mobilephone Turret 1.0

A 2DOF phonestand with raspberry Pi camera for facetrackning. When position of face change the axis move accordingly to adjust stand, so that the face remains in the  middle of  the videochat window. It should also be possible to control the turret via a remote control Joystick.
LCD should be mounted to be able to se face follow turret status.

Project update: 210101

- Old solution with servo motor and B-axis is going to be improved with bearing and stepper motor for smooth operation.

A stepper motor of type : Y 28BYJ-48is going to be used , and new housing for raspberry and electronics is being constructed.

Description : Face Follow Phone Cam Turret 2.0.1

- Replace servo motor on B-axis for smother operation

- Bearing for B-axis

- Housing for electronics

- Homing sensor for B-axis

- New design for phone stand construction

  • 1 × Respberry Pi 3B+
  • 1 × Raspberry camera v2.1
  • 1 × 1 Servo of type MG90S Small servo with metal gears and shaft
  • 1 × PA9685 PWM Driver board
  • 1 × Huzza Feather board

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  • The REST API

    honxen05/12/2021 at 16:08 0 comments

    Project update 210512

    Programming REST API interface for remotecontrol interface via HMI.

    What remains is to get the API linked to the Turret vi MQTT.

  • The HMI

    honxen04/24/2021 at 14:26 0 comments

    The HMI
    Human Machine Interface
    I've started  to build the HMI  to serve a user with a web page for interfacing the Face Follow Phone Turret.
    The homepage should work on any smartphone that can show a html page.
    The HMI should be able to adapt to screens size using Bootstrap CSS.

    First edition will look something like this:

    Next is to connect actions from buttons with the API so that it can convert http calls to MQTT commands

  • Testing the hardware

    honxen04/07/2021 at 19:55 0 comments

    Testing new 2.0 construction.
    All electronics work when rewired and all soldering is finished.

    Some initial changes were done to the software to be able to test run the hardware.

    Hardware seems to work as before.

    Positions has to be changed when homing the B-axis.

  • Housing is finished!

    honxen04/07/2021 at 19:36 0 comments

    At last!
    I'm finished with the new stepper phone stand upgrade 3D-printing of parts and assambly

    The upgrade consists of several new features.

    + Housing that holds Stepper motor and bearing

    + Housing that holds raspberry Pi and all electronics.

    + Hall sensor for homing B-axis

    + New slim construction of the telephone stand that is much slimmer and lower to make movement of C-axis better.

    Stuff that still has to be done:

    HMI for operating functions of the FaceFollowPhoneCamTurret

    Remote control construction and soldering of electronics

    The fun stuff:


  • Assambly

    honxen03/31/2021 at 20:14 0 comments

    Parts in place , only electronics needs to be fixated inside housing.

  • Software

    honxen01/16/2021 at 16:03 0 comments

    I start with making preperations in the raspberry PI.

    All programming in this project is made in Python programming language.

    Library Servo.IO is used to control the driverboard.

    CV2 library is installed and used by my program to detect face position.

    MQTT is used to listen for commands as setting torret in manual mode and controlling axis via Joystick.

  • 3D CAD & Printing parts

    honxen01/16/2021 at 15:54 0 comments

    Start of project :

    3D CAD and Printing parts.

    Turret consists of several parts that should make it easy upgrade turret as new improvements are made during development.

    1. Lower turntable house
    2. Lid for connecting servo to the upper part of  B-Axis
    3. Servo ( C-Axis) plate with hinge

    4. Adaptor hinge upper part

    5. Phoneholder , with camera attachment

    6. Camera arm mount , and lids

    First all, parts prints are made with medium quality as further improvements will be done. First prove theory then make improvements as project evolves.

    Issues with primary construction:

    I have som issues with the lower part (B-Axis) that should have a stepper motor in the feature. For now i use the small servos instead. Movement is limited by the ribbon cable connected to the raspberry PI. Approx 180 degrees of freedom at present time

    övre delen av facefollow cam cap börjar ta form.

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