DIY Linear Motor Experiment

The linear motor was a compact, ironless design with flat coils and magnets. It was intended for use in experimental haptic applications.

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The motor's dimensions were 125x70x20mm. The total mass was 452g, of which 164g was the moving part.

The stator consisted of 18 10x20x3mm neodymium magnets from Aliexpress. The slider had 3 coils with 4mm internal and 16mm external diameters, co-planar with 12.7mm center to center spacing and 5mm length. The coil's characteristics were 1.2mH inductance, 7.7 ohm resistance (74 ohm at 1 MHz) and were driven with a nominal 0.15A current. The airgap between coil and magnets is 0.44mm.

The motor produced very low force at the nominal 0.15A current, and was unsuitable for experiments. Increasing the current to 2-3A produced enough force but resulted in too much heat, eventually damaging the 3D printed coil forms.

A more practical motor for the intended application would have high-temperature wire and better cooling. The motor should ideally be converted to use iron components for better magnetic efficiency.

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