Pong in ASM (plus a moving bat)

A project log for AVR Asm Exam

Doing the "exam" of the AVR assembly course

Michael MöllerMichael Möller 03/25/2021 at 15:160 Comments

Deadline approaching!

Got back on track, and the hardware has encountered some problems, so now I just panic-write the simulation version to "pass" the exam - maybe I'll get back to the hardware version before deadline.

V03 uploaded

Had not fun debugging a strange overwriting of the few variables I have in SRAM. Minor syntax detail, if you write
 data: .byte
 more: .byte

"nothing" happens., i.e. the DATA and MORE occupy the same byte. You need to write
data: .byte 0
more: .byte 0

Says so i the manual, but other compilers will reserve space and the inital value is optional.